Google to Start AdSense for Audio?

Google Watch is reporting that Google may be planning on launching AdSense for audio. This would include audio ads for podcasts.

Many of you are probably know and use AdSense on your own site. Without getting to technical- you can put some code in your web site that allows Google to look at the content of your site and put related text ads on each page. So if you had a blog about podcasting you you might see an ad for MyEasyPodcast.

This could be another opportunity to generate revenue from your podcast. Although, time will tell how intrusive these ads will be.

I personally would be a bit wary of allowing someone else to decide what kind of ads go in my podcast. But maybe I’m just a control freak.

I’m still not convinced that ads are the best means to monetize a podcast anyway. Ads, even highly targeted ones, can be obtrusive and offensive if there are too many.

If you are going to use ads, keep in mind the proportion of content to ads. I’d say the best proportion is 15-1. 15 minutes of content for every 1 minute of advertising.

Of course the best means of monetizing your podcast is converting listeners into customers. How do you do that? Stay tuned to find out!


You Have to Give to Get

I had a conversation with one of my clients today- Dan Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love fame. He’s pleased (and frankly I’m amazed), with the numbers we’re getting just 3 months into his podcast. Since we’re getting such great numbers I brought up the idea of trying to find ways to monetize his podcast, such as charging for content.

But he really wants to focus on using the podcast as a marketing tool right now. He’s had great success in quickly building an email subscriber list of over 80,000 people in a very short amount of time. Dan said he’s seen big results from leveraging that free newsletter into tons of business. He plans on using the podcast to do the same thing.

This is a great example of the contrast between my views as a young, inexperienced businessman, and his views as a successful and highly experienced one. I was looking for direct results. He sees the benefit of looking at the big picture.

Dan understands the importance of setting himself up as the expert in his chosen profession. Every ounce of what you do for people doesn’t have to lead directly to a sale. Do something for free. Provide good content. When people are ready to pay they’ll come to you. You won’t have to try to sell them a thing!

Welcome to

Welcome to my home! Podcasting is causing a revolution in the way we market and consume content. From TV shows to press releases, and everything in between, the popularity of podcasting is a direct response to the on-demand, “I-want-it-when-I-want-it” nature of today’s culture.

What are you doing to reach those who don’t watch TV or read print publications? How can you reach those? Is podcasting the solution? What are the newest trends in podcasting? How can you leverage and monetize podcasting?

It’s my attempt to answer all of these questions as time goes on. If it has to do with podcasting, you’ll find it here!